About Me

“What is a Counselling Psychologist?”

As well as working in private practice, I am currently employed as a teaching fellow at The University of Surrey and in the past was a full time member of the team for 18 months, teaching on the Psych D in Psychotherapeutic and Counselling Psychology.

I have also worked in the NHS for several years and have extensive experience in working with a variety of difficulties, diagnoses and levels of severity. For the latter four years of my employment in the NHS, I worked with enduring difficulties associated with Personality Disorder. I was also a Clinical Supervisor to a trainee Psychologist which meant that I supervised their clinical practice.

Like most psychologists, I am committed in the scientific study of the human mind and associated ways of being. Thus how we think, act, react and interact with others and the feelings that accompany this on an individual and group level are of interest to me.

Often people can get ‘stuck’ in a certain way of feeling, and repeating patterns of behaving, and want to make changes in their lives or understand why they feel or behave in a certain way. Thus I strive to combine an up-to-date interest in theory and apply this to my practice to achieve the best possible results for my clients.

Overall, I work with and integrate a wide range of psychological theories, current research evidence and methods of change. As a counselling psychologist I understand and apply these methods to the diagnosis given to psychological distress within my work. However, I am also aware of diversity within the population and so interventions should be tailor made for the individual to suit them, their problem and their goals of therapy.

As no assumption is made about any difficulty or diagnosis, each client receives the best possible care. Thus I will explore and assess the distress that an individual is experiencing and through our work together, formulate how those difficulties may have arisen. Through the use and application of psychological models of change, the intended reduction of experienced distress and enhancement of psychological wellbeing and equilibrium can be achieved.

Although I work with a wide range of difficulties, I have a special interest in trauma work. This might include what seems to be a single traumatic event or perhaps multiple traumas over a more prolonged time. These traumas could have occurred in adulthood or childhood.

Challenges in familial, plutonic and romantic relationships are a great focus and interest of my work.