Having fun

The Journal of Consumer Research has published an article suggesting that people underestimate how much fun they will have if they partake in entertaining activities in public alone.

Post traumatic Stress Disorder.

The June edition of Vanity Fair is looking at how post combat soldiers with PTSD fare after repatriation. The article suggests that trauma responses can be exacerbated by our individualistic society. Within the combat situation soldiers have very much worked … Continue reading

Mental ability and age

The Psychologist Magazine has reported on research which has illuminated that different mental abilities peak at different times of life. For example the ability to recognise facial expressions accurately peaks between the ages of 40 and 60. Visual working memory … Continue reading

Control in the work place

The Psychologist Magazine has reported a research study that revealed that employees who are able to personalise their work space are more positive at work. This enables them to have a shared identity with colleagues as well as advertising positive … Continue reading

Brochure now available for download

A four-page A5 brochure outlining my services and giving full contact information may now be downloaded from the link in the sidebar or by clicking the image on the left. It is in PDF format and may be printed double-sided onto A4 … Continue reading

Is the full moon affecting your sleep?

A PhD student at the university of Gothenburg has suggested the human body has a ‘circa-luna rhythm’. This means that when there is a full moon the body is more alert and less able to rest. This may be linked … Continue reading

In praise of children

Recent research has investigated the effect of high levels of praise on children with low self esteem. After such levels of praise from adults these children tended to avoid higher levels of challenge. It is possible that the praise left … Continue reading

The body clock and stress

Today is the day of ‘The Body Clock’. The stress and technology in our daily lives is interfering with our sleep and so affecting our physical and mental health. Sleep hygiene is therefore important. This will include leaving smart phones … Continue reading

EMDR Level 3 Completed (for complex trauma)

I have now completed level 1, 2 and 3 of the EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) training. This technique is used with people who have suffered some form of trauma. It may be that the trauma happened to them … Continue reading

Research Publication

I have recently had a new research paper published in Counselling Psychology Review. The full reference to the article is: Hemsley, C. (2013). A thematic analytic exploration of how counselling psychologists in the UK experience and position themselves in relation to the … Continue reading